Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 29 January
Unwanted things may happen with you in this week. You will have fear of accidents. Your opponents and enemies will try to overpower you or hamper your interests. Your life partner may get sick and may incur huge expenses on sickness. Time will change in the middle of this week. Some high official will come to help you. There are chances that you may get an award fro authorities. You are fond of truth and justice.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 5 Feburary
You have to leave your arrogant attitude. You have to fulfill your social responsibility and the atmosphere at your home will be hormonal. Beware from your hidden enemies as they may hatch a conspiracy against you, but they will not be able to make a dent in your prestige. Your opponent and rivals may try to overpower you. You have to be careful about your court cases. Journeys made during this week may prove dangerous. An array of mixed feelings overwhelms you today since an unexpected discord with a relation may leave you wondering what is happening and your concerted efforts are likely to result in moderate gains on the professional front. You will devote your time in religious activities.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 12 Feburary
You may be busy with your children in this week. Success is seen in every Endeavour you will initiate in this week. You may get new opportunities related to your business and will be rewarding if go ahead with them. Do not indulge in any sort of confrontations. Your business competitors will not be able to harm you. You will proceed to the new path of success and get more eager to earn money. You may go abroad on a holiday trip.