Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 29 January
You have o be very careful while speaking anything in the general public. Think twice before speaking, otherwise you may be entangled in some clashes. You will get the desired results by making all out efforts and hard work in any field. Tactfully you will be easily come out fro the odd situations. Take help of someone before taking any important decisions > health wise you have to take more care, though your health is normal. You may receive some good news through mail/ e-mail etc. You may be transferred if you are in service or you may change your residence.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 5 Feburary
You may attend a social function or party. You will get a new contact but cannot complete the job within the stipulated time. Your enemies are more active then you. Financial position will be as usual but you may get some money from an unexpected source. Beware from your hidden enemies as they may fabricate a conspiracy against you.

Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 12 Feburary
You may be criticized by your enemies and opponents in the society and you may suffer your reputation at your workplace. Your health will be normal and you may find some time for your beloved one to romance. Money inflow will be withheld and financial tightness is seen. You will have to take loan from some where to meet the expenditure, though family members will behave normally and understands your emotions. You may spend some money on renovation of your house during this week. Your long awaited wishes will be fulfilled in this week. you may receive some pleasant news in this week.