Daily zodiac predictions for 28-November-2021
You would find this one to be a peaceful and tranquil day. You may derive gains from participating in-group activities. The planning to go for an outing would be the source of happiness among family members. There are possibilities that you would get attracted to someone who is not the suitable person for you. Take significant decisions carefully.

Daily zodiac predictions for 29-November-2021
Participation in a group activity is highlighted today. There are possibilities of receiving some money from an unexpected source. Your family members would not be able to give you appropriate support in your personal matters. Love is in the air and possibilities of coming across with an old friend are on the cards.

Daily zodiac predictions for 30-November-2021
Some of you are likely to face certain challenging situations on the professional front. Hence you need to follow a careful approach. At home front the health of an elderly person might require attention. Students would perform well. Your romantic life would be smooth sailing.